Message from the President

The JUTEC Group marks its 100th founding anniversary in September 2023, thanks to the support of all stakeholders.


Today, Jutec Holdings Corporation is a holding company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section in September of 2017. Jutec Holdings’ eight companies continue to operate in building and related businesses, with Jutec Corporation being the core and the original company. Founded in 1923 in the wake of the Great Kanto Earthquake, its immediate mission then was to help with the affected regions’ rebuilding efforts by supplying much-needed plywood. Since then, our focus on the needs of our customers remained sharp throughout the times as we grew into one of Japan’s leading distributors offering quality building-materials.

The housing industry had enjoyed steady growth as one of Japan’s core industries boosted by the nation’s economic growth, particularly led by demand for newly built homes. That demand, however, is now certain to decline as the lowering birthrate and aging society cause the population to shrink and the number of households to drop. The future focus of the housing industry is expected to shift to creating demand for the remodeling and renovation of existing homes, in addition to encouraging the buying and selling of existing houses and apartments.

As the Japanese housing industry faces a major turning point, Jutec Corporation enters a crucial five years before reaching the 100-year anniversary of its founding in 2023. Under the slogan, “Toppa Ryoku (breakthrough),” Jutec Group will prudently adapt to the changing marketplace and contribute to the innovation of the housing industry by proposing high-quality housing materials and services that anticipate market needs.

Kenichiro Adachi, President
Hiroshi Ueki, President
JUTEC Holdings Corporation